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Open Source ILS Survey

I received this via email and thought you might all be interested in participating:

This is a call for participation in a survey about the decision-making process of choosing a proprietary versus an open source integrated library system (ILS). The results will be tabulated and used to help other libraries learn from and use your experience as they make decisions regarding their ILSs.

This survey is part of a research project, funded by IMLS, comparing the technical support of Open Source ILS with technical support of proprietary ILS. One product of this research is an information portal ( for disseminating resources about OSS ILS. We appreciate the many responses we have had to previous calls for surveys and interviews and hope to hear from many librarians again for this survey. Participants will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 5 $20 gift cards for

The survey can be accessed at and will be open for one month. Please feel free to forward this notice to other interested parties.

You can also direct any queries or suggestions to with the subject “ILS Survey‚Äù in the subject line.

We really appreciate your time and support and look forward to reporting back the results from this study!

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