Koha and EDIfact

We are always getting asked about EDI for Koha – Well I have some great news!

I have recently discovered some patches that have been submitted to Koha that deal with Edifact ordering with Acquisitions. This is very needed coding that will help streamline the work-flows in Acquisitions. I have merged the code onto my development server, first to make sure that the code applies to the current master version of Koha, and secondly to test and vet the coding. I will also be contacting a few of our partners to help me with the testing.

I am extremely excited to see that this code has been submitted. Here is the enhancement bug on ( Koha Bug #7736 ). So far all of the coding looks to pass Koha coding guidelines ( Coding_Guidelines ) and initial tests have passed our usability standards. So let the testing begin. My goal is to get this tested and signed off on as quick as possible. This is a very key development in my opinion.

We constantly are looking to do our part with Koha and help Koha reach the potential of that. One of the most important parts of being an open source community – is testing and signing off on others (libraries, individuals or companies) code! More eyes on the code, the better it is for everyone.

Brendan Gallagher