Koha ILS

Comparison in grandeur

MountainsI parted from Reno/Tahoe yesterday on my way to PLA in Denver, CO. I opted to drive so I can visit with a librarian in Utah to talk about Koha while taking in the scenery of the high desert. The high desert was still in its winter regalia with the grandeur and mystique of snow capped mountains, moist and green open lands occasionally spotted with small herds of wild horses, cattle and deer open grazing. As I traveled the I80 corridor I took in the rich and scenic features of this incredible landscape and it occurred to me that I had been drawing comparisons of what I was seeing to Koha.

To me, in a different but just as significant way, open source Koha is just as grand and exciting. Though Koha does not require the same level of travel to see what it has to offer it still manages to draw you in and keep you looking forward while anticipating what’s lies around the corner or just over the next hill. Koha is an evolving discovery and I’m grateful for Koha and this trip and that it has given me another venue to make some awesome comparisons.

Koha is where you’ll find the heartbeat of a library and that is something the ByWater family takes to heart.

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