ByWater Solutions recognized by Inc. Magazine in Top 5,000 Fastest Growing US Businesses

At our recent work retreat in Oregon CEO, Brendan Gallagher, informed staff that ByWater Solutions was selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 5,000 fastest growing businesses in the US for 2015. How awesome! You can imagine how hard we work to get this level of recognition. The takeaway for you as a partner and/or potential partner is this… ByWater Solutions is the one company in the forefront of partner support, Koha development and low cost solutions! We strive constantly to improve Koha and our customer support. Supporting our partners, Koha and the Koha community is all we do, that’s it. How else can you be the best at something? Koha sustainability and improvement means ByWater Solutions sustainability and improvement and we work hard at both everyday.

Our wonderful Koha is open source library software that has many new features being developed for it around the clock. Some of the developments are big, and some small but no matter, Koha is there for everyone, for free. So, if you’re using Koha with ByWater Solutions support services you already know how great you have it but, if you’re looking for a low cost support solution for your web based, fully integrated, zero cost integrated library solution, then you want ByWater Solutions. Your library is now OPEN!

ByWater Solutions, we are your library solution!

Read more by Todd Goatley-Seals