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Monday Minutes: Editing Within the Advanced Search

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show a new option when using the Advanced Search feature in Koha.

Advanced Search

Koha has a built-in 'Advanced Search' option which allows staff and patrons to build a search using search terms, item types, shelving locations, publication date, availability, location, and more!

With this latest release in Koha, 22.05, patrons and staff can edit a search once it has been performed.

For example, if a staff member was looking for a Stephen King novel, and ran a search with Stephen King as the search term within the Advanced Search, once the results are populated, Koha will give an 'Edit Search' option for the search to be further refined.

OPAC Advanced Search

This also works on the Koha OPAC within the Advanced Search also! If a patron runs a search using the Advanced Search feature, they will also see the option to change their existing search on the OPAC - "Return to Last Advanced Search".

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